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Destinations close to Kefalonia Bay Palace


From a simple fishermen village to a beautiful tourist center. Just a little far from Agia Efimia, approximately 1h drive, the small village of Skala has many things to offer to the visitors. The variety of cafes and restaurants, the beautiful sandy beach with the crystal blue water & the pine forest behind it, can sure be the reason to have a relaxing day trip. Take note that the area around Skala village is also famous for the reproductions of the of the loggerhead turtles Caretta-Caretta.

Saint Gerasimos Monastery

If you visit Kefalonia Island at the middle of October you will have the opportunity to enjoy one big Greek celebration in honor of the saint. As additional experience if you are already at the monastery you can easily reach the Robola winery which is very close. Robola is its trademark variety of Kefalonia, from which come the most important in terms of quality wine of the Ionia Islands. They monastery located in the village Omala, at the top of the green valley with 40 wells, near the villages Balsamata and Fragata. This location is 27 km away from Kefalonia Bay Palace and you can be reached by car or taxi.

Find the finest examples of Venetian castles in Greece. Only 17km, 25 minutes drive from Agia Efimia, you can find a place that carries great historical significance, due to its strategic location. This small village is one of the must – sees due to its harmonic mixture of picturesque elements. Although it’s a tiny village you can find two small beaches, some beautiful tavernas with Greek local cuisine & if you have the opportunity don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking & serene sunset. In that unique place with gorgeous architecture of the colorful pastel houses you can also find the main historical attraction, the Assos Castle which  built by the Venetians during the 13th to 18th century, who ruled over the Eptanisa islands.

This village retains the architecture and ambience of a by-gone era – a time when the Venetians ruled Kefalonia. Approximately 45 minutes drive from Kefalonia Bay Palace you will really enjoy your day wander around the narrow roads and pebbled stairs. Harborside, excellent  selection of boutiques and souvenir shops, plentiful tavernas & luxury restaurants are waiting to welcome the visitors. If you be there in the evening be sure to take photos of the Venetian lighthouse and enjoy a cocktail looking at the moored yachts.


Myrtos Beach

The name of the island, Kefalonia, always relate with Myrtos beach! The most popular beach lies between the feet of two mountains, Agia Dynati & Kalon Oros. Myrtos beach is in the region of Pylaros & it can be reached by sea or by the main road with your car or taxi in 20 minutes approximately from Kefalonia Bay Palace.This geological masterpiece with the dazzling white pebbles & the unique turquoise color of the water create a marvelously evocative atmosphere.

Ainos Mountain

Cannot miss out on the beauty of the imposing Mount Ainos and its National Park. As you hike be sure to look out for a rare purple flower, that’s carefully protected in the forest, Viola Kefallonica.

Aggalaki Cave

The Aggalaki cave is the largest and most accessible from the large complex of caves in the area.

Makris/Platis Gialos

Some of the most beautiful sandy beaches at Kefalonia. They are not really close to Agia Efimia village, approximately 1h drive, but if you decide to spend your day far from the village, it’s really worth a visit!

Drogarati Cave

Except from the majestic Melissani Lake, a few km after, you will find one of the most beautiful natural sights in the island, Drogarati cave! The cave was discovered 300 years ago & opened to the plublic in 1963. Over the years the water create stalactites growing downwards from the roof & stalagmites growing upwards from the bottom so you will have the opportunity to uncover the beauty of the formations.

Melissani Lake

If you want to discover the undergound world of the Island this is the perfect destination! Melissani Lake, also know as the lake of the Nymphs according to the Greek Mythology, located at Karavomilos, southeast from Agia efimia, only 15 minutes drive from our hotel. Visitors can tour the lake on a boat and admire the wonderful colors in the crystal clear water, which constantly change as the sunlight falls on it through the aperture in the roof above.


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